Original textile material “MU-TECH ®”

Story behind development “MU-TECH®”

Story behind development MU-TECH®

C.MURATA AND CO.,LTD., which has been in business since the Meiji period, has developed its business as a specialist textile trading company, responding to customers’ needs.
Over time, we wanted our original products that can be sold with confidence to meet a wide range of their needs.
In the late 1990s, as the textile industry shifted to overseas production, we set out to develop new commercial materials in order to create a system to stably supply even small lots of high-quality, high-function materials in Japan, and to expand into other industries, such as sports brands, outdoor brands, and overseas apparel, that we had never had a business with.
Mainly our sales representatives talked to and exchanged opinions with major spinning manufacturers and domestic partner factories over and over.
In order to develop highly functional synthetic fiber materials, we teamed up with one of the world’s leading quality factories in the Hokuriku region to build a relationship of trust and develop the products we want to sell.
Finally, our original textile material “MU-TECH®” was developed.
Focusing on development of value-added materials, we repeatedly tested the materials to achieve functionality, texture, color, and cost, and some materials took more than a year to commercialize.
Featuring functions such as waterproofness and water-repellency “MU-TECH®” is now often used in many industries, starting from the field of bags, shoes and general goods.
As the product gained high awareness, the number of clients, including overseas apparel, has increased, and the product has become a pillar of our business.

It is recommended as textiles for the following uses:

Textiles for padded jakets or down jackets
We recommend the water-repellent material with the calendered back.
Product no.: TF-2000AS M-1957 M-3760 etc.
Textiles for mountain parkas
The moisture permeable and breathable waterproofing textile composed of three layers is recommended.
Product no.: M-11000TL M-12000TL M-14000TL etc.
Textiles for blousons
We recommend durable water-repellent materials.
Product no.: GS-8006 M-6570 TF-2474HT etc.
Textiles for pants
We recommend a stretchy material. (It also has a water repellent function)
Product no.: TF-4621HT M-1538RP MU00001 etc.
Textiles for golf shirts
We recommend a knit material that absorbs water and dries quickly and has UV protection.
Product no.: M-1420 CMX-2034 M-0815 etc.
Textiles for bags
We recommend a medium-thick and firm material.
Product no.: CD-500 M-6543ST PX-6 etc.
Eco-friendly materials
We recommend materials made of recycled nylon or recycled polyester threads.
Product no.: M-5741 CMX4025EC M-1538RP


“MU-TECH®” can be used for high-brands and sportswear

MU-TECH® is the generic name for original textile materials produced and sold by Muratacho. Our company’s original textile material “MU-TECH ®” is used in shirts and bags made by world-class high brands, as well as other items of sports and outdoor brands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept orders from individuals?

We currently accept orders for business uses only. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. We are happy to answer any questions about our products from individuals. We will give you knowledge and information that can be provided by a specialist trading company only.

I would like to receive a catalog.

Yes, we can prepare it for you. We ask manufacturers to send their catalogs. Please feel free to ask us, as we can arrange them for you if they are available.

Can we pay in the following month after receiving products and a bill from the first order?

No, as a general rule, we do not accept a post-payment for the first transaction. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
We accept post-payments only from customers who pay in cash for a certain period of time (our internal criterion) and meet our internal criterion of the transaction volume. We appreciate your understanding.

Can you provide information about your new products and top-selling products?

Our sales representatives regularly provide information on new products and top-selling products. We will also reflect your requests, so please let us know if you have any.

Is there a minimum number of lots for an order?

There is a minimum number of lots per order for some products.
Also, we will inform you of the economic lot size for each order, so please refer to it.

What kind of products do you sell?

We sell natural and synthetic textiles, knitted fabrics, and chemical products including PVC leather and PU leather.

Do you have business with overseas?

We have business in China and Korea. In China, in particular, we have local staff stationed in Shanghai to collect materials, develop products, and inspect quality as well as confirm products before shipping.

Can you make an original product?

Yes, we can develop a product according to material, use, etc. Please feel free to ask our sales representative first.